Tuesday, 23 September 2014

MTX @ IFA 2014, iX4, RFL, TX8, TX6 : We will, we will ROCK YOU!!!

Its 2 weeks since the IFA 2014 show in Berlin, and we are still buzzing and feeling the excitement at MTX. After introducing 30 popular new products we can say : We Rocked You and We Will Keep On Rocking You, Really F***ing Loud!!!

To start of the new iX4 in ear headphones was the first big hit nobody expected to be introduced, following the succes of the iX2 in ear headphones, the iX4 makes a design statement. Earbuds and connector made from high grade Aluminium, flat tangle free wire and a 10mm high end wide range driver in each earpiece the iX4 is simply put a Masterpiece. The universal remote and mic makes sure really evreybody will just love it, the new never forget headphone when you go out.

For home we showed our new in wall Blue Tooth amplifier iWa225 and the new in wall/in ceilling speakers with flat borderless grills. The amplifier is the ideal solution for people who want to play their favorite music directly from their smartphone or tablet. A big extra is that you can hide the amplifier out of sight you do not see any wires, the amp is controlled completely via blue tooth.

After introducing the new RFL High End amplifiers expectation were set high to what would come next from MTX. Well we passed everyone's wildest dreams with the introduction of the new RFL12 and RFL15 subs, 36 and 38kg of Pure Bass. Upto 10500W of power handling!!! Literally the most brutal 12" and 15" subs ever made! No better way to describe these subs than : Really F***ing Loud

Following the footsteps of the RFL the new TX812 and TX815 subs make the incredible bass power of the RFL family excessible for an even greater public. These monster subs weigh a little less than 30kg but they sure pack an incredible mean bass punch.  

The new TX612 and TX615 subs are the new mid level subs, designed in line with the TX8 and RFL. These subs use the Old School 1999 T8000 die cast basket, the combination of magnet structure, voice coil and cone raise the bar to new levels of what a true mid level subwoofer is all about.

Another new product in the MTX line is the TX6 BMW speaker set. A direct replacement speaker set for BMW and the New Mini. This 3-way set concists of two 8" woofers, 4" mids and 1" tweeters high grade passive inline x-overs with original BMW connectors make the installation fast and painless. A sound upgrade that makes a difference from a dark winter day to a bright summer day.

The latest bass solutions from MTX can be found in the RoadThunder line. The new RTP8, RTP12 and RTP12x2 all feature a new special designed high efficient Class-D build in amplifier. The vented enclosures are made from Injected MDF(!) and feature a noiseless aero port. The compact footprint of these enclosures makes sure we have a bass solution for almost every car. The first wave will see a single 8" enclosure RTP8, single 12" enclosure RTP12 and a dual 12" enclosure RTP12x2.

Last but not least we introduced a complete new RoadThunder line of loudspeakers, coaxials and component systems. 

MTX : We will, we will ROCK you!

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