Tuesday, 13 November 2012

MTX Caddy Van Ireland


What happens when MTX meets a Basshead who just loves it Loud? You get a decked out Caddy Van with no room left for groceries but just looks AWESOME and plays LOUDER than others! 

Of course it helps when this particular Basshead happens to live in a country with a distributor who has a feeling for show stopping cars and a MTX beating heart.

Bernards Caddy Van has been arround for some time now but with the new subwoofer system using 12x T612S-22 subwoofers and the redone backside of the Van showing of the MTX TH and XT amps and brand new RTX88 and RTX44BT party speakers, the van just reached a new level of excitement! 

Great job by the guys from Audio Advice Ireland!

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