Wednesday, 18 October 2006

MTX at the IASCA and dBdrag

Alicante - Spain

Intertec distributor for Mitek brands in Spain was present at the IASCA and dBdrag event in Alicante, Spain.

The Intertec booth was packed with products on display and two show vehicles showing of MTX and Xtant products. A BMW with a custom install using MTX subwoofers and speakers and Xtant amps. A Ford Focus with a custom install using MTX amps, Sledgehammer enclosure and speakers.

During the competitions MTX, Coustic and Xtant equiped cars won several trophies:

- Manuel Antonio García, MTX/Xtant BMW - 1st place IASCA
- Francisco Soriano Ortega, MTX Ford Focus - 2nd place dBdrag street C
- Noah Clausín Laudio, MTX Seat Leon - 3rd place IASCA
- Jose Daniel Cortés Pérez, MTX/Coustic Seat Leon - 2nd place IASCA Amateur Street
- Francisco Luis Ameros, MTX mini car (Monster car) - 1st place dBdrag Monster class

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