Monday, 14 March 2005

MTX at the Auto Salon 2005

Geneva - Switzerland

Sacom MTX distributor for Switzerland had put up a nice booth at the 2005 Auto Salon in Geneva.

The Auto Salon is a well known show where all the major car brands exhibit their newest models.

MTX distributor Sacom created a booth with 3 cool demo cars, products and 2 big Plasma screens showing the Petey Pablo video clip "Vibrate".

A Ford Focus C-max was equiped with a MTX bass solution: a Sledgehammer SLHT5512D. A new Yellow Ford Mustang GT fitted with 2x T7512-04 Superwoofers, 1x TH801D Class-D amp and TH684 4-channel amp drew alot of attention to the MTX booth. The EMMA-ESPL 2004 Swiss Champion car a Black VW Golf II was the main attraction of the MTX booth. With 4x TH1501D amps powering 4x T9512-04 Superwoofers and a TH1004 amp powering the front stage, this car had the meanest car audio install at the 2005 Auto Salon. The outside of the car had a Black Panther airbrushed on the hood to confirm that the car has the meanest system inside!

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