Friday, 20 February 2015

MTX at ISE2015

For the second time MTX exhibited at the ISE show in Amsterdam. The anual show for the Commercial and Integrated sound market.

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is one of the busiest trade shows in Europe, this is the place to visit to get all the news and keep up with the latest trends. In the commercial and consumer markets.

This year the spotlights were on the MTX iT1air docking station and the introduction of its smaller sibling the MTX iT1Mini. The iT1air has received several awesome reviews stating MTX did the unthinkable and created a revolutionairy docking station that excells in sound and power.
And now MTX just introduced the 50% smaller iT1Mini docking station, with 3 amplifier channels, 3 DSP channels build in, 1 subwoofer on the side, 1 passive radiator on the other side and 2 high end fullrange stereo speakers in the front. With the same extruded aluminium chassis as its bigger brother. And we haven'y even start to talk about its sound, Unbelievable and much Larger than you'd expect from such a compact unit.

Sound integration made easy:

Last year we introduced the MTX IWA225 Bluetooth amplifier, this year we extended the range with the introduction of the IWA250 WiFi amplifier. A giant leap forward in sound integration for homes, offices etc. this amplifier is also designed to be hidden away inside a dry wall or on top of a ceiling. And stream your music to it using wifi. Of course the best partners for this amplifier are the newly introduced in-wall/in-ceiling speakers IWS65 and IWS80. High-End 2-way coaxial loudspeakers for installation into a ceiling or dry wall. The speakers feature polypropylene finished cones and so called borderless super thin white square grilles (these grilles are an interior designer's dream come true).

Of course it would not be complete if we did not exhibit the entire range of headphones too. So also on this play were the MTX iX1, iX2 and iX4 headphones. All the qualities of these high-end headphones were demonstrated using iPads with a carefully selected playlist featurig a variety of excellent songs in uncompressed high quality format.

ISE 2015 was another huge succes and we at MTX are looking forward to be back in Amsterdam at the ISE2016! 

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