Thursday, 22 January 2015

MTX at CES2015


First week of January, Las Vegas Convention Center, CES2015! The MTX booth was packed with interseting new products and the coolest demo vehicles. You could feel the excitement in the air, you know the feeling just before you get surprised by a delicate sound of THUNDER.

Introducing cool new products like the RTP8 Powered vented enclosure, compact bass solution with build in powerful Class-D amp and the newest ROADTHUNDER 8" woofer. The new iX4 in ear headphones that are receiving raving reports from the press. Also new for 2015 is a Blue tooth sound bar designed for use in any kind of environment, the MUD6SPBT. It features 4 all weather 3" fullrange drivers and 2 all weather 1" tweeters, powered by an efficient build in amplifier with Blue Tooth and 3.5mm jack AUX inputs. The bar can be easily installed on boats, off road and other vegicles with roll cages. Other new products in the same range are the Blue Tooth overhead audio systems, specificly designed for ORV's. The MUDSYS41 and MUDSYS46, featuring a source unit with Blue Tooth, AUX input, USB input and FM/AM radio. A 280W peak power build in amplifier drives 4x 6.5" all weather coaxial speakers. For the Marine environment the introduction of the new high efficiency WET8CWB wakeboard tower speaker was the hot product among watersport enthousiasts. This new speaker features an all weather 8" polypropylene woofer and 1" compression driver able to handle upto 200W RMS. When you are on your board behind the boat this speaker makes sure you can hear the music loud and clear!

Demo vehicles on display include :

A Harley Davidson Street Glide motor cycle featuring a MUD100.2 amplifier driving a pair of TERMINTOR 693 speakers and a pair of TERMINATOR 522 speakers.

A Can-Am Maverick featuring THUNDER 75.4 amplifier driving 2 pairs of TERMINATOR 522 speakers.

A Jeep Wrangler featuring a XTHUNDER 800.5 amplifier driving 1 pair of THUNDER 522 speakers, 1 pair of THUNDER 61 speakers and 2 Jeep Wrangler THUNDERFORMS.

But the absolute showstopper was a modified Polaris Slingshot (3-wheeler) with an incredible install with an iPad as source unit. THe install includes 1 XTHUNER1500.1 amplifier driving two 7512-44 subwoofers, 2 MUD100.2 amplifiers driving two pairs of SS 7 speakers and two pairs of SS 5 speakers.

CES2015 an incredible kick-off of the new year!

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