Thursday, 16 January 2014

MTX at CES2014


It is a tradition to open the new year with a loud bang of THUNDER. 2014 is no exception and MTX brought the THUNDER like never before to the CES2014 in Las Vegas.

An entire new line of US products were launched ranging from the new Thunder Marine line upto the new T95 Superwoofer. From the iT1 air docking station to the colorful iX1 and iX2 headphones.

All the new products were supported by 3 incredible demo vehicles. The MTX Chevy Cobalt displaying the new car audio products. The MTX Polaris RZR displaying the new Thunder Marine, car audio and extreme sports products. And last but not least the MTX iX1 Jackhammer demo car displaying the iX1 headphones.

Mitek is a leading audio company in today's market. To show why Mitek is known as America's Audio Company a complete range of new products dedicated to the US market was introduced at the CES2014.

Car audio and Bass is the one thing MTX is known for over the past years. Groundshaking, bone ratteling BASS that is. And just when people thought streetbass could not be done better, MTX proves everybody to have an ace in the sleeve! Introducing a new family of Superwoofers lead by the new T95 Superwoofer. And introducing a new surround technology resulting in more surface area for the cone, which means the woofer can move more air or in simple words MORE BASS! Next to the new line of superwoofers the new THUNDER and XTHUNDER amplifiers were introduced. Serious reliable power but with a small foodprint so the amplifiers are easy to install in todays cars. But car audio is not only about street vehicles anymore, there is a serious extension into water and extreme off raod sports. As shown with the MTX Polaris RZR off road quad, MTX is providing Extreme Audio solutions for extreme sports like the MTX Mud amp and designed specially for Polaris loudspeaker solutions to make every off road adventure even more exciting because you can play your favorite music insanely loud during your trip. The youngest MTX family, STREETAUDIO is al about making it personal! With the MTX iX1 Jackhammer democar drawing every visitor to the booth to have a personal experience. Visitors were amazed by the GIANT iX1 Jackhammer Headphones on the outside of the car. When near the car the personal experience started, watching your favorite concert registration in the best quality possible in HD and the audio distributed over several iX1 headphones also in HD to make it as personal as possible. MTX colaboration with Margarita Ville resulted in the most colorful iX1 and iX2 headphones ever to be made. The iT1 air docking station proved again to be the most powerful docking station ever. Able to create a party on the booth, this is not easy as there are no walls to help to re-enforce the sound!

2014 started at its best and if this is only the beginning than the sky is the limit for the rest of the year! 



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