Wednesday, 16 January 2013

MTX at CES2013


Like every year ... for the past 42 years ... MTX was present at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in LasVegas. And like every year, the show resembled a launching pad for new products ...
The new Headphones MTX ix1 and ix2 created a hype among the visitors ... Everyone praised the design, manufacturing quality and most important praised the sound quality of these hifi headphones ...
Thenew  MTX IT1 dock and the Apple version MTX iT1air with Apple Airplay simply stunned all visitors ... Even with the high noise floor of the show due to the abscence of surrounding walls, the iT1 and iT1air created a party like atmosphere like no other iPod dock has done before!
The portable amplified speaker iP1 stole the heart of every visitor : everyone
 wanted a ...
The new range of car audio subwoofers demonstrate that our MTX engineers have not forgotten where the history of MTX lies : Designing and building ground breaking subwoofers and subwoofer technologies ... The new T5500 raises the bar for mid level subwoofers once again with an all new suspension "Inverted Apex" ... Which significantly reduces distortion and at the same time increases the surface of cone and thus also the SPL level of the subs. On the reliability side, MTX pushes innovation even further with a new top plate design "Radial Ribbed" to better cool the voice coil so you can play LOUDER and as Long as you want to  ... The T5500 is available in 25, 30 and 38cm, double 2Ω and double 4Ω . Power handling of each sub is 400Wrms.
The new T3500 subwoofers share all the new features of the T5500 series, but has a smaller motor structure and of course has lower power handling.
THUNDER amplifier range is also fully renewed. Three amps : TH1000.1 (Mono Class-D 1000Wrms CEA 1Ω compatible) TH500.1 (Mono Class-D 500Wrms CEA  2Ω compatible) and TH75.4 (4-channel Class-AB 4x75Wrms CEA @ 4Ω). The design of the amp is in line with the T3500 and T5500 subs. 
The second MTX stand located in front of Starbucks Coffee in the central hall was devoted to STREETAUDIO this year with the attention focused on the headphones ix1 and ix2 and the new IT1 dock ... the dock made sure nobody missed the stand with its powerfull sound. The BlackWomenGroup captured every visitor with their animation to really make sure that if you had not heard of the dock or the new headphones you had seen and heard them with your own eyes and ears. 
A Kick Start of the new year!

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