Monday, 23 January 2006

MTX at CES 2006

Las Vegas - USA

A large Mitek booth in front of the North Hall entrance.

Introducing Thunder TC amplifiers and the new "Loudest box on the Planet" sledgehammer enclosures for the T4500 and T5500 High performance woofers.

The new TC amps are powerfull amps with a classic looking heatsink. The new enclosures are special Sledgehammer enclosures with a large slotport on the side.

Als on display some of the new MTX Marine speakers and amps. Special sealed amplifiers and waterresistant speakers for use on boats.

Streetwires received all new packaging for 2006 as well as 3 new interconnects lines: ZN5, ZN7 and ZN9.

To demonstrate all the products several demonstration vehicles were present at the booth. Special attention was given to the BIGGEST SUB ON THE PLANET, THE TRUE 22, THE MTX JACKHAMMER! It was on display on the special Golf cart on wich the sub was introduced originally in 2005 and in the MTV’s Pimp my Ride Buick. To make it even better Mad Mike from West Coast Customs was also present to sign posters, pictures, you name it he’d sign it.

A very nice kick off of 2006.

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