Tuesday, 18 October 2005

MTX at 100% Tuning show

Rotterdam - Netherlands

During the weekend of 15th and 16th of October the 100% tuning show took place in the Ahoy in Rotterdam.

The 100% tuning show is one of the biggest shows in The Netherlands and Dutch MTX distributor Rho-Delta made sure MTX was there.

With Sledgehammers, Subwoofers and Amplifiers on display. A big Plasma screen showing Petey Pablo’s Vibrate video clip and MTV Pimp my ride episodes featuring MTX products.

Also on display was the MTX SPL Panda from TeamASC which currently holds the dBdrag world record in Streetmax 3-4.

But the main attraction was the new MTX Demo vehicle for The Netherlands. A Black Seat Ibiza with a ground shaking MTX Install: four 15" T9500 Superwoofers mounted in a sealed enclosure. To power the Subs four Thunder TA81001 amplifiers are installed, one Thunder TA7804 amp is powering the front components a set of MTX THS652. The car was build by ASC (Auto Styling Centrum).

Thanks to Rho-Delta and ASC for a great show in Rotterdam!

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