Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More Bass? No Space? MTX T6C693

The Secrets of killer Car Audio

Some how we can all relate to this: We want better bass response but there is no trunk space or trunk space cannot be sacrificed to fit a proper subwoofer... To make things worse modern popular music almost screams for better bass output from your system... Life just isn't easy, what do you do???

Back in the old days 6x9 speakers were the most popular speakers to be used in the rear shelf of a car. Who doesnot remember their first car audio system? And I bet that 9 out of 10 will remember the 6x9 speakers living in the rear shelf of the car.

Today we can benefit from better technologies, better manufacturing and lets not forget years and years of experience. So lets put the spotlight on one of the best evolved speakers from MTX : the T6C693 6x9 2-way coaxial. Yes it can handle more than enough power, and it looks great! But what is more important is the way it sounds and what it can do. The T6C693 is a diamant in the rough, it doesnot have that eye catching shine. But when we look closer the mids and highs from this loudspeaker are crystal clear and from a level that some high end hifi home loudspeakers can only dream of. The bass response is what makes this speaker really special. With a Fs (free air resonance frequency) of 27Hz this loudspeaker really promisses an awesome bass response and this is without a subwoofer. Lets compare the T6C693 with the T6C502 and T6C653 two other very popular loudspeakers and also often used as rear loudspeakers. The first picture shows the responses of all three speakers and as always a picture says more than a thousand words : The bass response of the T6C693 is superior. 

So if you have no space or cannot fit a subwoofer because you really need the available trunk space, use a pair of MTX T6C693 (or its big brother the T8693) in the rear shelf power them from 2 channels of a 4-channel amp (a RT60.4 or RT50.4M), ...and...


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