Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MicroTHUNDER amps Tested by Car&Hifi : VERY GOOD!

MTX RT30.4M and RT50.4M tested in Car&Hifi issue 2-2013

German Car&Hifi magazine tested the MTX MicroTHUNDER amps RT30.4M and RT50.4M. Their verdict : VERY GOOD! These amps have a neutral sound yet they upgrade the original system with power! Compared to the original radio there is a huge upgrade in dynamics and increased bass performance. 

The test clearly shows that both RT30.4M and RT50.4M are very neutral amps and do exactly what they are designed for. Upgrade the factory system in your car. Installation is Quick and Easy the reward is more dynamics, better bass performance and an overal increase in output power. RT30.4M which is connected to the original system with all ISO connectors the increase in sound and performance of the original system is big. When you choose for RT50.4M and have no problem with providing this amp with a good power connection the increase sound and performance of the factory system is even bigger!

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