Thursday, 23 August 2012

Let us present to you...

Terminator amps,... send here by MTX for the car audio freak!

The all new TERMINATOR amp line from MTX is all about getting the highest performance for you money.

This all new entry level line is build with performance in mind. No fancy difficult functions and knobs just the basics. Less is more so to speak. Easy to install, easy to adjust.... Easy to recognize because you will be heard 2 blocks before you arrive!!!

The line is build up around 3 models:

1-channel Mono Class AB fullrange Mono Block, 200W RMS designed to drive the new TR12-04 subs.

2-channel Class AB amplifier, 2x 75W RMS designed to drive the new TERMINATOR speakers or the RT speakers.

4-channel Class AB amplifier, 4x 70W RMS designed to drive front and rear speakers like the new TERMINATOR speakers or RT speakers. Or even better drive a pair of front speakers and the new TERMINATOR TR12AV enclosure with the rear channels!!!

More details on the TERMINATOR amps

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