Monday, 10 December 2018

The new MTX iX3BT Bluetooth micro-SD headphones is available

The new MTX iX3BT headphones sets new standards for wireless headphones. It is Bluetooth compatible and syncs simultaneously with two devices. It embeds a microSD card that allows instant playback (no need for a cell or tablet). It can also connect with a cable... It is just phenomenal !

He does everything very well. He inherits all the qualities of his brother, the iX3 : incredible comfort, lightweight, amazing flexibility, hi-fi quality sound, super deep bass, almost indestructible... And he adds the Bluetooth connection and the microSD playback. Waoow !

The Bluetooth connection is very convenient. TV, box TV, AppleTV, cell, tablet, computer ... all devices are compatible, and we avoid the cable that hangs everywhere. Good news, it is possible to synchronize two devices at the same time. So we go from one to the other on the fly without changing any setting.

MicroSD playback will quickly becomes your favorite spec. You can store your music in Flac format (for quality) or mp3 (for quantity) on a removable card for immediate access with a single click. No need for a cell phone or tablet to send the music ; she is already in the headphones. No more wave, still no wire... Just press "Play" to listen to music. Toooo gooood.

The battery lasts for 24 hours. And if it's empty, it's still possible to use the cable...

We kept the best for the end... Its price is amazing ! Given the sound quality, given the quality of construction, given the durability, given the characteristics ... It is unbeatable.

Here is the link to the product page

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