Friday, 08 December 2017

The new MTX iX3 over-the-ear headphone is available

It took no less than 3 years of developpement for the most sexy MTX headphone ever : the MTX iX3... Its exceptional sound quality combined with its indestructible construction make it the best of its class... Easily :)

For the sound, we used a special 40mm wide range speaker specially tuned to get a perfect midrange and the deepest bass. The result deserves this long development. The sound is clear, very musical, and you really can't stop listening music with it. at this price point, no other headphone can beat the iX3 sound quality...

For the construction, we decided to make it stronger than any other headphone on the market. For example, the arch is made of ultra flexible stainless steel. It is just impossible to break it. All the rotations and both sliders are made of silicone. the result is they don't age, they don't creak, they don't vibrate and they always stay smooth. You can shake the iX3, it doesn't make any noise. This is impressive...

For the comfort, we made it light - only 162g - so when you wear it, you almost don't feel it. Whatever is your head size, its stainless steel arch is so flexible that it doesn't change the pressure on your skull. We talk about skull here because the iX3 doesn't push on your ears, and this is a crucial point for the comfort. We adjusted pressure to be well sealed, but not oppressive. After a 10 hour flight, you still have it on your head...

From the practical side, it comes with the a super soft MTX carrying bag. Very light, easy to use and doesn't take any room...

For more specs and more details, click here to jump to the iX3 product page.

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