Friday, 02 August 2013

Talk2meNerdy MTX iX2 test report : "These are the headphones we have been looking for our whole life!"

MTX iX2 headphones were recently reviewed by talk2meNerdy.comIn todays social media driven world headphones are a musthave. And when we talk about headphones we only know what our friends have. But are these the best out there? Is it difficult to choose from all the available brands and types of headphones? Not when you look (listen) to the most important feature headphones are made for!

Listening to the new MTX iX2 headphones are no longer known as "Beats by ..." "These are the headphones we have been looking for our whole life!" Is just one of the conclusions  of Bahiyud-Deen Aquil Shaheed author of the review.

Walking in the noisy busy streets of Brooklyn, New York it becomes clear that the MTX iX2 headphones are a special kind of headphones that make you enjoy your favorite music. When you hear crystal clear sounds and thunderous Bass instead of the everyday streetnoises and cars overpowering your favorite tunes. 

"At first when Joe Trentacoste of MTX Audio was telling us all about the headphones, we honestly thought he was just exaggerating, but Joe was right about everything."

"we only hear what is coming from them (iX2) without having to put the volume on full blast"

"For us the iX2 headphones by MTX Audio is one of the best headphones for the money"

Just some quotes from the great review by they tested the iX2 in everyday life situations. Situations we all know and recognice.

Take some time to read the complete review

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