Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The new MTX iWa250 and iWa225 wireless multi-room amplifiers just arrived

Reset your landmarks ! The new MTX iWa250 and iWa225 wireless multi-room amplifiers just arrived and they are about to deeply simplify (Change ?) the way we are used to listen to music at home, in a restaurant or in a shop.

These two units are the best quality features price ratio ever on the market.

The MTX iWa250 is a 2x50W Wifi & Toslink amplifier.

The MTX iWa225 is a 2x25W Bluetooth amp.

They both have an analog AUX input.

They really give you a lot for the money :

  • High pleasure streaming capabilities thanks to exceptional universal inputs (Toslink, Airplay, DLNA, UPnP for iWa250 and Bluetooth for iWa225)
  • High quality aluminum construction with top components (Ti amps, Libre Wifi, CSR Bluetooth)
  • High quality sound thanks to the "Direct Digital" technology
  • Very easy to install thanks to their small size (20x8x8cm) and their efficient heatsink (The aluminum box is the heatsink). You can hide them in-wall, in-ceiling or in-furniture without any overheat risk.
  • iWa250 : The 3 sources switch automatically, with the last one to connect being active. Inputs can also be switched using the remote control. And this is very very convenient...
  • iWa250 : Multi-room, you can stream the same music (or different ones) to several iWa250 and iT1air, with ease...
  • iWa250 : Spotify Direct (The iWa250 connects to the Spotify servers) is crazy convenient as your cell phone becomes only a remote control (You can switch it off, the music continues)
  • You need 5 minutes and a wall socket to play music anywhere
  • You can control the amps from the IR remote or from your computer, your tablet, your smartphone…

For more details, visit the iWa250 or iWa225 product page.

The MTX iWa250 Airplay DLNA UPnP Toslink unit in action

The MTX iWa225 Bluetooth unit in action

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