Wednesday, 04 February 2015

Its all about da bass at Autoshop de Tijger NL

What do you do when you are Bass hungry and your car sound system is not satisfying your needs for those loud and deep notes. When you live in or near Tilburg (NL) autoshop de Tijger is the place to go, with more than 35 years experience they sure have the knowledge!

In this case the only way to help out our Bass hungry customer is with the most powerfull bass solution, the MTX RT10x3DS tripple sub enclosure and MTX RT500.1D amplifier combo (alias RTP5000). After a professional installation and perfectly adjusted to match the sensitivity of the source unit, its all about da Bass now ! 

The right products in the hands of a professional installer cannot be beat! 

All the details of the MTX RTP5000 Power Pack




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