Thursday, 15 February 2018

MTX AUDIO @ ISE 2018 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL - February 6th to 9th 2018

After a 2017 successful edition, MTX and AtlasIED teamed up again for the 2018 ISE show in Amsterdam. It is the world´s largest AV systems integration show... Yes, yes... The booth location was in between two main halls... No less than 100 different visitors tested the new MTX iX3 headphone every hours, 9 hours per day, during 4 days :):):) Excellent...

But the big thing on the MTX booth was the new MTX iX3BT headphone... It is Bluetooth compatible of course, but you can also play your favorit tracks located on the included microSD card directly. You just have to push play, and boom, music.... No connexion, no BT wave, no wire, you can keep your cell phone battery up... It is a kind of perfect product. It is the MTX iX3 big brother, with exactly the same good features like the unbreakable stainless steel headband, its extreme light weight (162g) and its fantastic sound quality. Available in May...
The other big thing was the new MTX iP3 portable speaker. It is a very pretty piece that looks like an iT1air in reduced size... Full aluminum construction, 4 speakers, 2 wide range spk, 2 subwoofers, 2x15W RMS, Bluetooth input, microSD playback, AUX, 5000mA battery (24 hours playback), USB powerbank, and even a remote control.... A fantastic product that can follow you anywhere, always... Available in May...
Last but not the least was the MTX iP1s super portable speakers. It is the replacement of the iP1... It took long to find the new reference ! The features are the same as the MTX iP3, with the BT connexion, the microSD card playback, with a sound a little downscaled... It is the really easy speaker to take away, and it includes a strong carrying case. Available in May...

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