Thursday, 02 March 2017

MTX & AtlasIED @ISE 2017

Amsterdam - NL - February 7-10, 2017

Just one month after the CES show in LasVegas, we were back on stage in Amsterdam, NL for the Integrated Systems Europe show. This year, we made something a little different. MTX Audio (Mitek consumer branch) and AtlasIED (Mitek commercial branch) teamed up to make a larger and more impressive booth.

For MTX, it was the introduction of many new products.

The iWa250 amp (Airplay, DLNA, UPnP, Toslink, AUX...) was for sure the star of the booth. It is a pleasure to play with the automatic inputs (He obeys easily...). And the sound quality is just amazing wired on the MTX TX8652 speakers, loaded with a self made 12 liter bookshelf cabinet. On paper, as the speakers are designed to play free air, it doesn’t work... But in reality, it is delightful :)

The iWa250 little brother, the iWa225 (Bluetooth, AUX), received also a good welcome. He is more easy to use and he is cheaper... With all the qualities of the big brother. Even the lower power is very difficult to detect...

From our experience, iWa250 and iWa225 connected to iWs65 or iWs80 (in-wall in-celling speakers) are making miracles in term of sound.

The iX3 headphone is now in production and he's quality price ratio is better than any other MTX product today ! The iX2 mk2 in-ear headphone was also present, but still under developpement.

The new Powered tube enclosure RTT8P and RTT12P are using the same high performances class-D amp as the RTP8 and RTP12, but in a larger tube vented enclosure. More deep bass...

The new 10“ powered flat enclosure, RTF10P, was present. He has everything... and he is easy to fit in a car. For sure, a futur hit...

The two new TX2 amps are too pretty... And very seriously build... Same tools as the TX amps. For the price, it is the best gift on the market...

Let's take an appointment at the next show in IFA Berlin, early September for some amazing new stuff... :)

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