Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The new MTX iP3 stereo portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth microSD speaker is available

Some products are more important than others... The new MTX iP3 is maybe the most desirable product of the MTX line. When you try it, you can't leave without it... You take it everywhere to listen to your favorit tracks with clarity and quality sound.

Its design and its construction are clearly high-end. It is small (24x8x8cm), light, simple to use (battery), the sound quality is amazing for its size and you can choose between 3 different inputs : Bluetooth, AUX and the very smart microSD card... Lovely !

You just have to push "Power" then "SD" to listen to your music stored on the microSD card. This is a major feature as you can listen to high quality Flac tracks as well as lightweight mp3 tracks. Plus, you don't need any smartphone or any transmission. It is like having Spotify/Deezer/AppleMusic built in...

The microSD playback will become your new best friend... All your favorite tracks are stored on the microSD card (not included, you’ll have to purchase it separately), so you just have to push "Play" for your favorite music immediately. FLAC compatibility for quality, mp3 compatibility for quantity… You have the best of both worlds.

The microSD playback benefits are more important : no wave (Fore sure this is healthy...), no battery consumption of the phone or the tablet… You can play for 24 hours on microSD… Amazing !

Of course, you still can use the Bluetooth input. It connects automatically (after the 1st pairing), so you don’t need to look for the iP3 in your Bluetooth devices list. Just push "Bluetooth" and "Play"... Again, we made it very easy...

The 3 inputs - there is also a simple and "AUX" input on jack - are making the iP3 totaly compatible with any device in the world. It works with any cell phone, any tablet, any computer… It is universal.

The sound quality is amazing... As usual with MTX ! We used the best quality speakers and the best quality amplifier to ensure the best possible sound quality. It is impressive and extremely natural. It overpasses the competitiors performances like never before... You must listen to it, to feel how important the gap can be... This is crazy !

It is equipped with 4 speakers. Two 60mm high quality midranges and two 70mm subwoofers. They are all together able to reproduce all the power and the fineness of music… The sound quality is amazing for the size… We tested it as a sound bar for a TV screen, and it was impressive... 

The output power is outstanding : 2x45W Peak and 2x15W RMS. It’s 3x more than any competitor. This gives the iP3 an incredible dynamic. It breaths always easily...

The construction is all-aluminum made. It is durable, recyclable, resistant and high-end… The iP3 is a high quality durable product you will keep for a long time.

The iP3 is also a Power Bank thanks to its 4000mA built in battery and its USB port at the back. So you can recharge your smart phone or your tablet while listening to music. Usually, you drain the battery when you do this.

The power adaptor is really powerful, it allows to charge the iP3 and your smartphone together. This is a very convenient feature... One more... 

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