Monday, 02 September 2013

Introducing: Legendary Bass, MTX RTP5000 party pack

DEEP, LOUD BASS never was this easy!

MTX is known for creating the best subwoofers and enclosures on the market, we were the pioneers of Class-D amps.

Behold the RTP5000 party pack, Legendary deep, loud, accurate bass that rocks more than just your car.

RT10x3DS is the reincarnation of the late 90's tripple 10" sealed subwoofer enclosure. It is created around the fabulous RT10 subwoofer times 3. With a mindblowing 1800W max powerhandling this enclosure stands for pure raw BASS. With a 2 Ohm impedance it was designed to be teamed with a Class-D amp.

The RT500.1D is the very efficient 500W Class-D mono amp from the same ROADTHUNDER line as the RT10x3DS. When we take a closer look at both RT500.1D and RT10x3DS the only conclusion we can draw is these 2 are made for each other. A marrige made in bass heaven. It has never been this easy to get monster bass in your car!

Check out the RTP5000 party pack

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