Thursday, 14 September 2017

MTX @ IFA 2017

Berlin - DE - September 1-6, 2017

Back to school for some of you... Back to Berlin for us ! Some days ago, we exhibited at the IFA show, the most important electronic show in Europe. We introduced 31 new products... Enjoy the new iP1mk2, iP3, iX3, iX3BT...

...RTF10P, RTF10AS, RTT8P, TRT8P, RTT12P, RTT12AV, RTE12AS, RTE12x2DV, TR275, TR450, TX2275, TX2450, TR40C, TR50C, TR65C, TR69C, TR50S, TR65S, TX240C, TX250C, TX265C, TX269C, TX250S, TX265S, TX6BMW, MUD6SPBT, MUDHSB-B…  and many more ! Isn’t it crazy ?

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