Sunday, 04 March 2012

IceTHUNDER 2012 : The hottest party/ice enclosure ever...

Michigan Tech University - USA

Last years engineers @ Michigan Tech University are back with a vengeance! With an even BIGGER ice enclosure than last year loaded with MTX subs and speakers.
As the party was cool last time, they decided to make it HOT this time... With the DJ on top of the enclosure and triple the power for the sound system. Alan, one of our MTX subwoofer engineers, took care of the sound system. Here is the complete story :

At Michigan Tech University in Houghton Michigan they have a celebration each year called Winter Carnival where all the student groups and Fraternities build statues out of the abundance of snow that the Upper Peninsula area gets. On the first night of Winter Carnival the campus is filled with students putting the finishing touches on there snow statues. During this night the school campus is filled with people partying and having a good time. The Michigan Tech Audio Engineering Society student group builds a big snow stereo so everyone will have music and because they like to build speakers. They have been doing this since 2001. This year they used 40 MTX TS8512 subwoofers, 8- 18 in midbass woofers, 24- 15” mid range drivers and 2 high efficiency hi frequency horns. The MTU AES group used a 70kVA generator to power the stack of amplifiers needed to run the entire statue. Through out the night 3 DJ’s performed; they were, DJ G.I., Chris Thompson, and Jbizzle.   It was a party from 6pm to 4 am the next morning ! The big snow stereo sounded great, and could be heard for about 5 miles ! The students that built the statue are already planning for next year, where they hope to make the statue even louder!

A big big Thank You to Alan who made the sound system, the pictures, the video and the article... Thanks you 100x :):) 

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