Wednesday, 10 July 2013

How to carry 2x 12" subs in your back pack?

MTX Streetaudio iX2 is more than meets the eye.

High end looks with all parts made from solid aluminium and tangle free cable. With Apple® remote and mic its made for iPod, iPhone and iPad. 

But what is it that makes the iX2 extra special?

It is the answer to the question : How to carry 2x 12" subs in your back pack?

Simply put you would be mad and very strong to carry around 2x 12" in your back pack all day...

MTX makes it a lot more easy : MTX Streetaudio iX2 - subwoofers included!

Everybody knows MTX always had a passion for serious Bass so when it came to designing the iX2 earbuds we wondered is there a way to make earbuds with subwoofers? The answer is YES! The iX2 has a 5mm mid/high speaker in each earbud and behind each mid/high speaker we were able to put a 8mm subwoofer in each earbud! How cool is that?

The result is absolutely phenomanal crystal clear mid and high frequencies backed up with truly serious BASS! And the best part : It sounds like you have 2x 12" subs in your backpack!

This is the new standard for high end, high quality in ear headphones!

MTX STREETAUDIO iX2 comes in 2 colors.

More details on iX2


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