Thursday, 04 August 2005

Crazy, Crazier, Craziest!

Heerlen - Netherlands

Imagine you love car audio with a vengeance, especially insanely loud bass but are not old enough yet to legally drive a car. An often occurring problem! What do you do????

This was the situation for Frans from the Netherlands. Being 17, in his country he was only allowed to drive a moped but yet he has an amazing passion for car audio.... His solution: he bought a JDM Moped car! While all Frans’ friends are driving their mopeds to school through wind and rain, Frans is sitting back smiling because he stays warm and dry in his moped based Car with a full blown MTX Audio System to keep him company while on the road. The moped car can only reach 45km/hr but it shows no limits when it comes to his MTX stereo system. Frans has a Sledgehammer with a 12" T9500 Superwoofer powered by a TH1501D amp to satisfy his need for Deep, Loud Accurate Bass. Frans has had to take his moped car back to the shop several times to get the rear side windows fixed ... these were completely blown out by the Bass output of his MTX system. And if you think this is good enough? Think again! Frans is actually waiting for the new TA92001 (3000W Class-D amp) to come out!!!

Thanks go out to Danny from Media Markt Heerlen for his help in designing the system and having it installed.

Frans’ MTX ride consists of: 1- MTX TH1501D, a 1500W Class D amp to drive one Sledgehammer T9512D, a 30cm enclosed SuperWoofer capable of handling 2000W peak, 1- MTX TH404 400W 4 channel amplifier to drive the THX402 coaxial front speakers, and the THX693 triaxials in the rear.

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