Sunday, 22 January 2012



Like every year (for the past 40 years!) MTX was present at the CES in Las Vegas. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the biggest trade show for consumer electronics world wide. 

At this show MTX (Mitek) introduced all the new products for the American market. Products like the new TD amps small yet power ful amps upto 1000W RMS. 

The new TH amps for the US market are based on the European RT amps and they received a classic black heatsink with MTX logo in the middle.

The FPR subs are the new shallow mount subwoofers from MTX. These subs will bring great pleasure to people who love their Bass but have no space in the car to install big enclosures. The 12" FPR subwoofer already works very well in a 18Liter sealed enclosure !

The RTX (ROADTHUNDER EXTREME) speakers will reshape the car audio scene like never before. High efficiency loudspeakers with the intention of playing extremely loud to extend the party outside the car. These loudspeakers have an efficiency upto 97dB on the mids and 107dB on the hornloaded tweeters.

Of course this is just a small grasp of what is coming from MTX in 2012. Stay tuned for more interesting product introductions.

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