Friday, 28 September 2012

BOOM! TERMINATOR speakers now available

MTX is all about enjoying Music as long and as loud as you want it. The new TERMINATOR speakers are no exception to that rule, specially when you see how affordable these new speakers are! 4 models : TR404, TR504, TR654 and TR694 are available.

All these new TERMINATOR speakers feature the brand new electroplated cone finish to give them that really high end look. The PP cone makes sure these speakers sound as good as they look. The strong magnets make sure they will play LOUD too.

The TERMINATOR line is the new entry level line from MTX and this line is all about making it easy for the customer/installer. Check what size speaker fits your car, TERMINATOR is available in 10cm, 13cm, 16.5cm and 6"x9" coaxial speakers, install these speakers in your car. Than decide if you will run them straight from the car radio or if you will use one of the new TERMINATOR amplifiers like the TR100.2 or TR100.4 to really get the most out of them. These speakers are designed to play very well without a subwoofer but adding a TR8PT i.e. will really make your caraudio experience to the next level.

More details on the new TERMINATOR speakers

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