Monday, 15 July 2013

MTX iX1: Big, Bigger, Biggest,... Biggestest!

Jackhammer iX1

At MTX we are known for having the biggest production subwoofer : The Jackhammer!

Now what could we do to make something that is even more impressive???

And it had to be realized before the CEA Show in New York.


How about some really serious iX1 headphones! 

A Jackhammer iX1 and big enough to be displayed on a car, afterall our roots lie in the car audio market.

As soon as the idea was mentioned the mad builders of show cars had already started the project and to make it even better they made the Jackhammer iX1 working too!

Not only the biggestest iX1 but also by far the LOUDEST headphones ever known!


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