Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Audio Advice, MTX and "Mission 22"

Glasgow - UK

Remember the incredible MTX Renault 19 from Audio Advice Northern Ireland?The impact of the Renault 19 was so huge for Audio Advice that they had to open up a second store in Scotland.

The driving force behind Audio Advice Scotland is Iain Struthers. Iain is a Sound enthousiast and like all other members of Team Audio Advice is crazy about MTX.

One of the AA-members Stuart is not only crazy about MTX but also with Sound Pressure Competition and guess what(!) Stuarts VW Golf mkIII is being transfered into a full blown MTX competition Monster.

During several AA-meetings (... no, no, AA stands for Audio Advice...) talk had been going around that AA-members were having visions??? Visions about "Mission 22" now outside AA nobody even understands what they are talking about when they speak about "Mission 22"....

Only thing we can reveal is that Audio Advice Scotland is the first UK MTX dealer to purchase a T9922-44 Jackhammer !!!

To know more about Audio Advice go to their website

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