Tuesday, 02 January 2007

ASC is building an incredible Jack Hammer car

Breda - Netherlands

ASC (Auto Styling Centrum) from Holland is very well known for their numerous victories with MTX through their competition team TeamASC over the years.In 2005 ASC also showed they can build mindblowing demo cars and this kicked off the idea and plans to do something with "the Nightmare of all woofers" the MTX Jackhammer.

ASC planned a system using 8 powerfull MTX amplifiers to power 1 Jackhammer, 2 T9512 superwoofers and a fully active 3-way front system.

With this article the first pictures taken during the build up show how ASC is building a SUPER strong "house" for Jack. Jack’s house is build around a steel frame supporting 4 layers of 2,2cm thick MDF.

Too be continued...


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