Monday, 11 September 2006

Arno and Edijan from TeamASC Dutch Champion EMMA SPL 2006

Breda - Netherlands

The Dutch EMMA SPL finals were held September 2nd. Arno and Edijan from TeamASC with their Black Fiat Tipo were ready to take on the competition.

But when the Fiat was judged and measured it became very clear that there was not much competition against this brutal machine. The Fiat met every safety rule and showed all spectators how LOUD and CLEAR a well designed MTX system can sound.

With EMMA events the actual SPL is measured while playing music. When Arno and Edijan played their tunes the crowd just went silent as they witnessed the highest score posted: 151,2dB!!!

The install that made this possible:
- 4x T9515-44 Superwoofers each in the factory recommended ported enclosure
- 2x THS652 component set mounted in the front doors
- 8x TH1501D amplifiers to power the woofers
- 1x TH684 amplifier to power the front speakers
- 1x Clarion Head Unit
- 3x Northstar NSB125 batteries

Congratulations to Arno and Edijan from TeamASC with their new Dutch Championship!

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