Thursday, 17 May 2018

2018 MTX presentation in Moscow with Bonanza

Each time, it is a pleasure to go to Moscow... It is a kind of holy land because the Russians are fond of music and Hi-FI. From April 11th to 13th, we had another fantastic training organized by Bonanza, the MTX exclusive distributor in Russia.

This year, we introduce several amazing products again :

• RTU8P, the 8“ underseat active enclosure. From the first feedbacks, it sounds exceptionnally compare to the others... For us it is a simple and efficient tool to enjoy music even more in less than one hour :).

• TX4 speakers, the replacement of the RTC and RTS speakers. Same price... but 20x better ! Everything changed : new cone, new frame, new voice coil, new giant magnet, new phenomenal settings, new sound... We've never been so far for speakers...

• RTX654, the replacement of the RTX658. Only a small change in the reference, but a big leap ahead in sound quality... and design...

• RTT8P and RTT12P, the replacement of the successful RT8PT and RT12PT. We changed everything... From the subwoofer, to the amp (Class-D with twice more power), to the tube enclosure (new shape and bigger). For sure two major items :)

We are very sensitive to the dealers who made a long trip to come to see us. Some of them made 8000km to come from Vladivostok for example. We really appreciate.

For the second year in a row, Auto-Hifi (Moscow) won the price for the Best MTX dealer, and he deserves it. The quality of his installations is remarkable. Congrats...

Thank you to the Bonanza team for this great organization. Thank you Roman, Andrey P, Andrey R, Vadim, Anton and the whole team for this great moment.

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