Wednesday, 19 April 2017

2017 MTX presentation in Moscow by Bonanza

An other fantastic training organized by Bonanza, the MTX exclusive distributor in Russia, took place in a very nice hotel&spa in Moscow suburbs. The meeting lasted for two days, from April 6th to 7th.

We are very sensitive to the dealers who made a long trip to come to listen to us. Some of them made nearly 8000km to come from Vladivostok for example. We really appreciate.

The organisation was perfect and smooth. The restaurant was quick and efficient with a large buffet. The chicken Strogonoff was excellent...

We introduced all the 35 MTX 2016 products, plus the new 2017 ones (Really a lot of products).

There was a great interest for the TR, TX2, TX4 and TX8 new amplifiers. They are small and very powerful with a good sence of musicallity. The new entry level enclosures RTF10AS and RTE12AS were also very popular.

But the big success was the MTX TX8652 (TX8 16,5cm High-End 2-way compo system) thanks to a dedicated room where the dealers were able to compare it with a Focal ES165KX2 and an Alpine high end expensive set. Most of dealers quickly choosed the MTX speakers, despite a very large price difference with the two other competitors (Minimum twice more expensive). Additionnaly the TX8 set was using the worst speaker box. As it was made for a 3 way system, the tweeter was very far from the woofer. So the TX8652 look to be an incredible bargain.

Auto-Hifi (Located in Moscow) won the price for the Best MTX dealer, and he deserve it. If you look at the pictures below, you will see the superb installation quality is used to build. Congrats...

Thank you to the Bonanza team for this great organization. Thank you Roman, Andrey P, Andrey R, Vadim and Anton for the good time we had together.

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