Friday, 28 September 2012

TERMINATOR Bass Solution Now Available

The past year has seen a major increase in the demand for real Bass Solutions. The MTX RT8PT and RT12PT set MTX ahead of all others when it comes to real Bass from a easy to install enclosure with build in amplifier.

Monday, 17 September 2012

MTX @ IFA Berlin 2012

MTX Street Audio unleashed!

Berlin August 31st - September 5th 2012, IFA Show. The dates and show where MTX had several world premieres! In short it was the introduction of MTX Street Audio. The new breed and branch of MTX Audio, headphones, earbuds, iPod station and portable speaker.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Let us present to you...

Terminator amps,... send here by MTX for the car audio freak!

The all new TERMINATOR amp line from MTX is all about getting the highest performance for you money.

This all new entry level line is build with performance in mind. No fancy difficult functions and knobs just the basics. Less is more so to speak. Easy to install, easy to adjust.... Easy to recognize because you will be heard 2 blocks before you arrive!!!

Friday, 03 August 2012

TR12AV Now Available

Bass at a whole new level!

Just when you thought bass couldnot become better...

MTX steps up to the plate and again knocks one out of the park! 

With the newest TERMINATOR TR12AV vented enclosure. Featuring the new TR12-04 subwoofer with Electroplated cone. The TR12AV features a noiseless aerovent port so you get all the loud tight bass and no distrubing port noises. The enclosure proudly sports a stitched full color MTX logo on top. This enclosure is made like a high grade, high performance bass engine but comes at a shockingly affordable price!

Check out all the details of the TR12AV enclosure 

Monday, 16 July 2012

TR12-04 Now Available

The newest breed of MTX subwoofers

MTX has always been known for Bass. No wonder when you think of the fact that when you take the Bass out of your music your total music experience is 30% less !!!

Knowing this it is no wonder why MTX still puts alot of research and developement into SUbwoofers. The new TERMINATOR subwoofer is the newest breed of subwoofers in the MTX line up.

This new entry level 12" subwoofer features a unique new Electroplated cone which not only looks AWESOME it is very rigid yet light and makes sure you get all the detail but also the power in your BASS. 

Check out all the details of this new TR12-04 subwoofer

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

RT500.1D Now available

High efficient Class-D, stays cool while the Bass hits HARD!

The all new Class-D version of the RT500.1 hits hard, delivering power to the connected subwoofers all day long while staying cool!

High Efficiency Class-D Mono Block design with performance written all over it. Need to drive 2x RT12-04 subwoofers? Do not look any further the RT500.1D is the perfect match for these subs. Or if you want to power 1x T612-44 or 1x T615-44 or 1x T812-44 or 1x T815-44 or 2x T610-22 or 2x T810-22 or ..... In short this is a small POWERHOUSE able to drive almost any subwoofer !!! 

Not so strange since its the baby brother of the RT1000.1D : in size, in power, but most importantly also in design.

Check out all the details of the RT500.1D

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

MTX Fiesta in Colombia

Bogota - Colombia

In South America they know how to make a party, a Fiesta!

Colombia is no exception, when they exhibit with MTX they go all the way. Nice product displays, the best demo cars and lovely ladies. And if this is not enough live body painting on the booth.

Everywhere you look you will see MTX products, MTX installs or MTX logo's!

Photo's tell more than words!

Friday, 01 June 2012

MTX at Best Car Show 2012

Istanbul - Turkey

April 19th - 22nd the Best Car Show 2012 was held in Instanbul.

Müzik Sistemleri A.S. MTX distributor in Turkey was present with a booth packed with MTX products. Biggest eyecatcher was "sir Jack" of course, on display hanging from an engine lift. 3 lovely hosteses wearing MTX ladies shirts were on hand to hand out flyers and other MTX gifts to the interested visitors. 

The show was a great succes with many intersted people looking to get a glimpse of MTX products and have a chance to talk to the MTX experts of Müzik Sistemleri A.S.

Congratulations for a Job well done!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

RT10P Powered Enclosure Now Available!

The search for tight, accurate, powerful bass ends here!

In our quest to bring the best possible bass solutions for OEM and aftermarket systems we have arrived at our next milestone: RT10P. Combining the praised accurate bass with a powerfull 450W Max build in amplifier. The result is musical bass at a level never reach before! 

Go to the RT10P product page

Monday, 21 May 2012

RT30.4M upgrade in Renault Twingo

In 10 minutes from stock to Rock!

How easy is it to upgrade a Renault Twingo?

It takes a total of 10 minutes and a RT30.4M micro thunder amplifier. The amplifier can be installed behind the clove compartment using only 2 tieraps (!) no screws. The cables can be routed to the radio without removing any car parts, except for the radio ofcourse. Plug the ISO connectors re-install the radio adjust the gains on the RT30.4M, Done!

The first step from Stock to Rock in 10 minutes!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


You want to have it LOUD outside the car, Get the Party Going?

The new RTX speakers from MTX are all about playing extremely LOUD!

Getting the party on outside the car, at the beach, in the parking lot, now you can create your own drive-in Disco/Club!

Wednesday, 04 April 2012

New MTX 2012 lealfet

The new MTX brochure just came out ! It includes the classD amp RT1000.1D, the MicroTHUNDER amps RT50.4M RT30.4M, the high efficient RTX speakers, the new 10" powered sealed enclosure RT10P and the complete new 2012 TERMINATOR line (amps, sub, enclosure, speakers...). THE brochure to have !!!! Download it now from here

Sunday, 04 March 2012

IceTHUNDER 2012 : The hottest party/ice enclosure ever...

Michigan Tech University - USA

Last years engineers @ Michigan Tech University are back with a vengeance! With an even BIGGER ice enclosure than last year loaded with MTX subs and speakers.
As the party was cool last time, they decided to make it HOT this time... With the DJ on top of the enclosure and triple the power for the sound system. Alan, one of our MTX subwoofer engineers, took care of the sound system. Here is the complete story :

Sunday, 22 January 2012



Like every year (for the past 40 years!) MTX was present at the CES in Las Vegas. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the biggest trade show for consumer electronics world wide. 

At this show MTX (Mitek) introduced all the new products for the American market. Products like the new TD amps small yet power ful amps upto 1000W RMS. 

The new TH amps for the US market are based on the European RT amps and they received a classic black heatsink with MTX logo in the middle.

The FPR subs are the new shallow mount subwoofers from MTX. These subs will bring great pleasure to people who love their Bass but have no space in the car to install big enclosures. The 12" FPR subwoofer already works very well in a 18Liter sealed enclosure !

The RTX (ROADTHUNDER EXTREME) speakers will reshape the car audio scene like never before. High efficiency loudspeakers with the intention of playing extremely loud to extend the party outside the car. These loudspeakers have an efficiency upto 97dB on the mids and 107dB on the hornloaded tweeters.

Of course this is just a small grasp of what is coming from MTX in 2012. Stay tuned for more interesting product introductions.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Upgrade your OEM head unit to a real MTX Audio system

The new MicroTHUNDER amps are now available !

Frustrated with the sound of your new car factory installed head unit and speakers? Put some MTX THUNDER into your car with the new MicroTHUNDER amps ! These new amps are the easiest and fastest upgarde to your factory head unit. They are small, cool and installed within 30 minutes because of the used ISO connectors for inputs and outputs and automatic remote to switch the amp on and off. Its plug and play with these small wonders !

Check them out here there are 2 versions :






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