Tuesday, 20 October 2009

VW Passat

Audio Advice - UK

The latest install done by Audio Advice from Belfast (NI) in a VW Passat for UK MTX Distributor Celsus.

The goal for this car: Make it a show car but keep the car functional.

To keep the car functional the subwoofers are located in the space for the spare tire and the amps and additional battery are located in the side panels of the trunk keeping the entire trunkspace available.

In the front a set of T8000 components are installed in custom build door panels.

The source for the system is the OEM VW radio with ipod interface. To make the connection between the OEM radio and the new MTX system the reQ-5 is used to clean the signal from the OEM radio and to regain the true bass from the music.

The install:
- 2x T610S-44 square subwoofers in a sealed enclosure
- 1x T8652 high end components in custom door panels
- 1x TH1500D Class-D mono block amp to drive the subs
- 1x TH904 Class-AB 4-channel amp to drive the T8652
- 1x reQ-5 proccessor
- 1x Stinger Battery used as secundairy audio battery
- Stinger wiring

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