Friday, 16 July 2010

VW Golf IV

The Most Wanted - France

After 2 years of hard work this incredible VW Golf IV was finally ready. An amazing job done by The Most Wanted in Pamiers, France.

Imagine that this car started his life as a plain looking silver gray VW Golf IV. It took months of designing, days to take the car apart and years to build it back up again. The result a Golf IV that has no twin brother.

The install: 
- 1x TH1500D Class-D mono block amp
- 1x TH904 4-channel amp
- 2x T812S-44 square subs in custom enclosures 
- 1x TXC6.1 component system front speakers
- 1x THS652 component system rear speakers
- Streetwires Zero Noise cables 
- 1x Pioneer DEH-P88RSII
- 7", 8" and 17" TFT screens for all multimedia
- MDT-X7000 - Car PC

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