Thursday, 22 May 2008


Audio Advice - UK

MTX Dealer Audio Advice from Scotland had only one goal in mind when they started on the VW Golf III from Stuart:

"To be the loudest car on the streets in Scotland!"

To realize this they contacted the "mad scientist" and "The Godfather" to come up with an insane MTX system that would make any other system on the road crumble.

That said this is what the dreamteam came up with:

For SPL competition: Dual T9515 woofers in a enclosure designed for dBdrag but tuned to be able to play music. For demo’s 2x T7512 woofers were installed to assist the 2x T9515 woofers. A loud front system was designed to keep up with the Bass Avalance.

Result: With 160dB it is Officially the LOUDEST CAR in the UK in its class and gained this title while playing music !

The Install:

- 2x T9515 Superwoofers in special designed High Output vented enclosure.
- 2x T7512 Superwoofers in a sealed enclosure
- 2x THX502 for mids and highs in the front doors
- 1x THS652 for extra kick and superhighs in the front doors
- 4x TA92001 Class-D Mono Block amps to drive the T9515’s
- 1x TA81001 Class-D Mono Block amps to drive the T7512’s
- 2x TA3404 Class-AB 4-ch amp to drive the front system mounted in the front doors
- Alpine source unit
- Streetwires cables

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