Monday, 19 July 2010

VW Golf II "Rat car"

Revilo Auto - Czech Republic

And Now for Something Completely Different...!

That is what came to mind when this MTX demo car was build in the Czech Republic. A so called RAT car.
A car build on purpose to look very old and worn, But if you look closely the car just looks old and worn technical its in the best shape it can be.
This VW Golf mark II looks old and worn on the outside with a rusty look instead of fresh cool paintjob. Just as the interior rough textile finish over fiberglass doormolds. Or real wood pieces over an MDF base. Talking about Bass the sub enclosure benefits from this building style as the walls of the enclosure are now double layers of different wood materials that actually make it stronger so that the subwoofers perform even better!

The install
- 2x T612S-44 square subwoofers in custom vented enclosure
- 2x T6S652 component sets for front and rear mid/highs
- 1x TH1500D Class-D mono Block amp to power the subs
- 1x TH904 Class-AB 4-channel amp to power the front and rear speakers
- Streetwires cables

This car stands out in a crowd, Great Job!

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