Wednesday, 22 July 2009

VW Caddy

Audio Advice - UK

Audio Advice from Portadown in Northern Ireland have created another incredible show car for MTX.

This time they transformed a VW Caddy into a true masterpiece!

A redesigned top of the dashboard to make sure all speakers and monitors would fit. Next came the doors as these had to keep up with the bass they needed alot of room to accomodate 2x THS midbass speakers and 1x THX coaxial. For bass a special vented enclosure was designed housing 8x new square 12" woofers. And in the back a "small" plasma screen was installed.

The install:
- 8x T612S-22 12" square woofers
- 2x THS652 component sets
- 2x THX502 coaxial sets
- 1x XT803 coaxial set
- 2x TH4000D Class-D mono block amps for the subs
- 2x X504 4-channel amps for all the speakers
- Streetwires
- Pioneer Source Unit with iPod connection and TFT screens

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