Wednesday, 10 December 2014

VW Beetle

This Incredible looking VW Beetle from Vincent is not only pleasant for the eyes but equally pleasant for the ears. A top notch MTX sound system takes car of that.

An almost impossible mission it was to install Vincents dream system into the trunk of this Beetle. Fitting 4 massive 10" square T8000 subs with the right volume enclosure and leaving enough space to fit the amps into the small trunk of the Beetle is a challenging job. To keep up with 4 subs the front system needs to be able to keep up so it was decided to use the high end T8000 component system powered by 2 amps. For rear fill two sets of T6000 coaxials are used powered by a 4-channel amp. The result is an incredible sounding car with the ability to really crank it up to extreme loud party level.

The install :

  • 4x T810S44 subwoofers in a custom enclosure
  • 1x T8652 component system mounted in the front doors and A-pilars
  • 2x T6C653 coaxial system as rear fill
  • 1x X3000D mono block amplifier to power the subwoofers
  • 2x X504 4-channel amplifiers to power the front speakers
  • 1x X704 4-channel amplifier to power the rear speakers
  • Source unit Pioneer X8600BT



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