Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The-A-Team MTX GMC Vandura

Back to the roots with 16 subwoofers...

Whether you remember the classic TV show from the 80' or the recent Hollywood film, everyone loves the A-Team... This series was about a wrongfully convicted US Army Special Forces unit that always took care of people that needed their special skills. The truck they were using was exposed on the CES 2017 MTX booth, but this time, it was loaded with sound... and still some guns :)

The GMC Vandura is equiped with no less than 8 amplifiers. 4 of them - The MTX RFL4001D (4000W each) power 16 MTX T8515 (15“ 38cm) subwoofers, loaded in two vented enclosures. Loud enough to wake up the neighborhood... Quickly. The other 4 amps (RFL4120) are used to power the MTX RTX high efficiency speakers located in the doors, in the truck and in the back doors (for outside listening). 

The finish of the installation is very good. All the screws have been covered with bullets :)

This installation have been made by Jason Plank, the USAC World Champion, working for MTX since 1999.

System details :

  • 4x MTX RFL4001D
  • 4x MTX RFL4120
  • 16x MTX T8515-44 (Trunk enclosure 16x)
  • 12x MTX RTX4BT (Front doors 2x, trunk kick panel 2x, back doors 8x)
  • 14x MTX RTX658 (Front doors 2x, back doors 12x)
  • 6x MTX RTX88 (Front doors 4x, trunk kick panel 2x)
  • 4x MTX RTX108 (Back doors 4x)

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