Thursday, 17 November 2005

Seat "THUNDER" Ibiza

ASC - Netherlands

Rien "The Godfather" and his crew at Auto Styling Centrum, Breda Netherlands were given the difficult task of creating a new MTX demo car.

The car to use was a tuned Black Seat Ibiza. The difficulty was how to fit four huge 15" T9500 Superwoofers in it!

It turned out this was no problem at all for the Godfather and his crew. They managed to create a superstrong sealed enclosure to fit the four fifteens. The walls of the enclosure are made out of 5cm thick MDF!

The doorpanels were created using fiberglass and have the mids angled for best sound inside the car. The front system uses four tweeters, 2 of these are placed in the middle of the dash and form a superb soundstage together with the other 2 tweeters that are mounted in the doors.

The nickname Thunder is the only real way to describe this awesome demo car.

The install:
- 4x T9515-44 Superwoofers
- 1x THS652 compo set for front speakers + extra tweeter set
- 1x THX502 coaxials for rear speakers
- 4x TA81001 Class-D amps to power the subs
- 1x TA7804 Class-AB amp to power the front speakers
- 1x Clarion Head unit

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