Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Seat Leon

Decibel Garage - Turkey

MTX Dealer Decibel Garage owned by Volkan Çolak from Istanbul in Turkey has come up with an incredible MTX install in a 2007 Seat Leon. Owner Ayhan was looking for a soundsystem that was not like any other normal soundsystem.

Volkan decided to use all MTX products to transform Ayhan’s Seat Leon into a feast for the ear and eye.

The install:
- 2x T9515-44 superwoofers in ported enclosures
- 6x THS652 component sets
- 1x X3000D monoblock amp to power the subs
- 3x X504 to power the component sets, 2 of these amps are mounted in the front doors!
- Alpine Head Unit

Two thumps way way up for Decibel Garage who really made one stunning showcar !

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