Sunday, 25 September 2005

Seat Leon

LM Car Audio - UK

Sound Quality Seat Leon from LM Car Audio, UK

LM Car Audio are the first in Europe to build a competition car for Sound Quality using the new 2005 Thunder Amps and the new Thunder Axe High-End components.

The Seat Leon uses a very special front system designed around 2 sets of TXC5.1 Both mids are placed in the door together with one tweeter. The other two tweeters are mounted on top of the dashboard at carefully measured places. This speaker placement gives the Seat Leon an incredibly wide soundstage with identical imaging for both front seats.

The install: 2x TXC5.1 for front speakers. 1x THX652 for rear speakers. 3x T8510 Superwoofers mounted in a sealed fiber glass enclosure for Sub bass. 1x TA7804 four channel amplifier. 1x TA81001 Class-D amplifier. All wiring from Streetwires.

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