Saturday, 01 December 2007

Renault 19

Audio Advice - UK

Philip Neil and his crew from Audio Advice, Belfast Northern Ireland have created a really incredible MTX Demo vehicle. They took an old Renault 19 16V and literally ripped everything out, dashboard, seats everything in order to reinstall their own custom build interior.

The complete interior of the car is build from MDF and Fiberglass. To really give this car a Unique appearance the car was airbrushed inside and outside by one of the top airbrushers in the world.

The install:
- 5x MTX TA5601 Class-D amps powering 10x MTX T7512-04 woofers
- 6x MTX TA5302 Class-AB amps powering 3x MTX TXC6.1, 5x TXC5.1 and 1x THX502
- 10 extra batteries to supply the right Voltage and Current to te system
- All cables and accesoires from Streetwires
- Alpine Head unit with 7" flip out TFT screen
- 2x Alpine DVD player
- 1x Alpine Hard drive
- 8x Alpine 7" TFT screen

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