Friday, 29 October 2004

Peugeot 205 "Red Noise"

Pro Styling - France

This is the French SPL legend! The first car to break the 160dB barrier in 1999. It was also the car to use the first MTX Class-D amps the PRO500XD.

This red peugeot is a hardcore SPL monster but still it looks very cool and every part of the car received alot of attention from the owners and builders Sylvain, Sandro and Olivier from Pro Styling in Strassbourg.

The install: 
- 24x T5000 10" Subwoofers in a special free air setup with compression slots
- 12x PRO500XD Class-D mono block amps 
- 12x Brax IPC2F (2Farad) Capacitors 
- 18x Truck batteries 
- 2x High output alternators 
- 1x Alpine Source Unit 
- Streetwires wiring

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