Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Opel Vivaro

Charter Music - France

MTX Dealer Charter Music from France decided to rebuild their Opel Vivaro into a real Multimedia demo vehicle.

Next to a 32" LCD screen and a Wii Console the Vivaro is fitted with a powerful MTX audio system to get the full experience of playing games on the Wii or just watching a Rock concert DVD.

The install:
- 2x T8515-44 in vented enclosures
- 1x TXC4.1 in the dash
- 1x TXC6.0 in the front doors
- 1x THX693 in the rear
- 1x THS652 in the rear
- 1x TA81001 mono block amp to power the subs
- 1x TA5302 to power the front speakers
- 1x TA5604 to power the rear mids and highs
- 4x SWX 1F Capacitors
- All Streetwires connection materials

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