Friday, 15 October 2010

Opel Vectra

Ronald - Netherlands

Ronald is not new to MTX as he already has a showcase with his first MTX install, so here is V2.0.
The goal was to surpass the v1.0 install in performance.
And that goal is certainly met in this v2.0 install in the Opel Vectra.

The install:
- 2x T9512-44 subwoofers in custom build vented enclosures
- 3x T6S652 component sets installed in the front doors
- 1x T8652 component set installed in the rear doors
- 1x T8652 component set installed in the trunk hatch
- 2x TA92001 mono block amps linked together to power the subs
- 1x TA5604 amp to power the front speakers
- 1x TA3404 amp to power the rear speakers
- Kenwood W808 source unit
- Playstation 3
- 9.2" TFT screen mounted in the dash
- 15.2" TFT screen mounted in the trunk hatch
- 1x Exide battery
- 2x Northstar NSB90 batteries

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