Thursday, 23 July 2009

Opel Corsa

Audio Advice - UK

The install for this Corsa done by Audio Advice in Glasgow (Scottland) needed to impress but stay "simple".

So a TFT screen in the back connected to a Wii for entertainment and a LOUD MTX system to get the attention from everybody.

A custome build sub enclosure and amp rack were designed to take the place of the rear seats. The doors were addapted to fit a cool front speaker system. Source unit from Alpine with iPod connection.

The install:
- 2x T812-44 12" Subwoofers
- 1x XT803 Coaxial set
- 1x THS652 Component set
- 1x TA7801 Class-D mono block amp
- 1x TA7804 4-channel amp
- 1x Alpine Source Unit
- 1x LG TFT screen
- 1x Wii

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